Wake up at midnight to pause an offer? U must be kidding!


Affiliate Network is a global business, so you face clients all over the world. Quite fancy. But working with multi timezones could create problems as well, which often occurs with issues when it’s mid night at your time zone.

One of those being the need to activate or pause an offer when it’s sweet dream time for you. But with Offerslook, you got chance to say goodbye to these troubles. Here’s how to get it done:

In the Offers List, at the right side of the selected offer, click on the Timer icon -> choose to set Pause or Active -> select Effective Time -> click Save. There you go!

Note that for offers that are active, you can set it pause. And for offers that are paused, you can set it active. Here’s a article tutorial for your reference as well:

Start actions now and turn nightmare into sweet dream.

About Offerslook

Offerslook is a SaaS platform for performance marketing networks to build and manage their networks. Since debut, hundreds of ad networks/affiliate networks have used Offerslook to increase their network efficiency and ROI. We’re dedicated to reducing the high technology cost in this industry and making ad network management a smarter job.