Features Update: Smart Puller



We are excited to introduce you Offerslook new feature: Smart Puller . With Offerslook Smart Puller, you can benefit from the following ways:

Simplify Your Routine work
Automatically grab as many offers and related information from advertisers and partners by a few clicks. Then leave the rest work to the system to finish. This will significantly save your time and money.

Maximize Your ROI
Enjoy a free way to transfer your offers and no need to worry any errors and boring manually routine work. It will greatly improve your work efficiency and maximize your ROI.

Customize to Meet Your Needs
Customize the offers importing to meet the personalized needs by some parameters setting.

Completely Free
Completely free for your use. It now supports these networks and platforms including Cake, HasOffers, FuseClick and more coming soon.

For more information and learn how to use this functions, please click here

About Offerslook
Offerslook is a smart Performance Marketing software/affiliate tracking software. It enables Advertisers, Agencies, and Networks to Create, manage and optimize their Advertising Network in an easy & smart with its smart features like Smart Puller, Email Marketing ect.