Features Update: Smart Alert




Offerslook Smart Alert was designed to alert and handle the abnormal issues of your Ads campaign in real time. Instead of constantly logging in to check the progress of your campaigns, Offerslook Smart Alert can notify you proactively of things you care about. It supports a variety of metrics. You can receive alerts for key aspects of your campaigns to ensure they’re meeting your benchmarks.

How Offerslook Smart Alert Help You

Real-Time Alert
Providing deep insights into the health and performance of your Ads campaigns,alert the abnormal issues in real time during your business process.

Alert Customization
Further customize your alerts for the metrics that meet your goal, including CR, postback, unique clicks and etc.

Automatically handle the abnormal issues when the alert is triggered based on your setting.

About Offerslook
Offerslook is a smart Performance Marketing software/affiliate tracking software. It enables Advertisers, Agencies, and Networks to Create, manage and optimize their Advertising Network in an easy & smart with its smart features like Smart Puller, Email Marketing ect.