Product Update: Activity Log


We are excited to introduce new updates of our platform:


1. Activity log
When managing a large group of affiliates, advertisers, employees, it can often be overwhelmed by a large amount of information in your network. Activity log is a list of your account activities. With activity log, you can review your network activity, including offers change, affiliate info changes, account user login record and so on.



2. Menu bar and Login page optimization
There you are able to customize your login page background color. Customizing your login page color is certainly a cool thing! It’s a further step on your way to white-labeling your platform to suit your brand image.





For other fixes and improvements of the platform, you can contact your account manager for more details or you can login you account and connect to our support center from the right side bar.




About Offerslook
Offerslook is a smart Performance Marketing software/affiliate tracking software. It enables Advertisers, Agencies, and Networks to Create, manage and optimize their Advertising Network in an easy & smart with its smart features like Smart Puller, Email Marketing ect.