Product Update: Smart Alert


Smart Alert enables you to set different metrics for both offers and affiliates in order to alert and automatically deal the abnormal issues of your advertising campaign in real time. We have recently updated the Smart Alert feature to allow you to set different rules for your offers and affiliates during the business process which can greatly improve your work efficiency and the accuracy of alert.


What’s new?


Alert Condition

We have add the alert condition options for you. With this option, you can set CUSTOM click or conversion minimum value according to your different business situation when you add the alert metric. When the clicks or conversion reach the minimum value, the alert start working, once condition reaches, alert will be sent accordingly your settings.

For example: you may want to pause the Offers which have 10,000+ clicks while no conversion within 24 hours. In such situation, you just need to set the metric showed on the following image and the system will automatically pause these offers.



Alert Period 

We have increased the time period options for you. Now, you have an opportunity to choose the preferred time period according to your requirements. The time range is including 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hour, 4 hour, and 6 hour.




Just login your account and experience all these updates now. If you have any feedback, just contact with your account manager or sent directly to