Offerslook Will Start to Charge Media Usage Fee

We will start to charge Media Usage fee from August 1st. Media Usage includes storage of creative files, click log etc.


As Media Usage fee is post pay, you will get your August Media Usage Invoice and need to pay it on September. Customers who registered and get approved before July 1st, will enjoy three months ( August, September, October) 50% discount of the Media Usage fee.


Customers can get certain free Media Usage each month based on your pricing plan, the extra part will be charged. Please find details as follows:



If you have any questions, please contact your account manager for details.  


从8月1日开始,Offerslook将对所有用户收取每月的Media Usage费用。 Media Usage主要包括创意素材, 点击日志等的存储用量。


由于Media Usage费用为后付费,所以将在9月份账单体现。7月1日前注册并认证通过的用户可享受8,9,10三个月存储费用5折优惠。


不同套餐用户,每个月将享有一定量的免费存储空间,超出部分收取那 $ 1 / GB 收取, 相关详细信息如下:



如果您有任何疑问,请联系您的Account Manager咨询。