What is a network affiliate?

Internet advertising is the product of the rapid development of the Internet industry, has become and will continue to maintain its important position for a considerable period of time in the future, in addition to the most familiar bidding ranking advertising, there are various forms of advertising, such as League promotion.
What is a network affiliate?
Internet alliance: an advertising alliance of websites, is a kind of precise advertising.
We help our clients target people through a variety of targeting methods and present their promotional messages in a variety of styles on a variety of pages viewed by the target population.
1. Increase brand awareness.
2. Brand memory development.
3. To create an incentive for users to buy.
The form of presentation of Internet alliance promotion
The creative form of the network alliance promotion, mainly fixed, suspended and patch three main forms of presentation.
1. fixed – embedded within the web page, the most extensive coverage and attention of netizens.
2. hover – off-page position, the most influential style, move with the window when browsing, more easily attract attention.
3. Patch – video/game loaded, appears when paused, gets the most attention and makes netizens have to watch it.
The company’s promotional information can be displayed in pictures, animation, text, graphic mix and other creative forms in the target audience to browse the web page, vivid interpretation of the company’s promotional information.
Billing model for affiliate promotion
1. CPM (Costpermille/CostperThousandImpressions): Pay per display. That is, the cost per thousand presentations. Commonly found in traditional portals.
2. CPC (Cost-per-click) billing per click. Display is free, and only potential customers pay when they click on the ad to generate a valid click, reducing marketing costs while ensuring sufficient marketing impact. Baidu is mostly CPC advertising.
3. CPS (CostforPerSale): Pay per transaction. A way to charge per order/per transaction. For every successful transaction the user makes, the website owner gets a commission. The most common are Taobao, and major CPS sharing alliances.
4. CPA (Cost-per-Action): Pay by the act. A pricing model that charges per visitor based on the action taken on the web ad. This includes forming one transaction, getting a registered user, or one click on an online ad. All kinds of interstage, APP promotions, installations fall under this form of advertising.
In addition to the more common billing methods mentioned above, there are also CPI, CPD and other methods.
The business chain of Internet alliances
Webmaster: maintainer of the website, create various kinds of websites, enrich the world of the Internet, facilitate the exchange of Internet users, and provide advertising space.
Advertisers: Businesses that want to place ads on their corresponding websites.
Internet alliance: gather all kinds of websites, link tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of websites, form a website alliance. Also build bridges with advertisers.
User: User clicks on a website affiliate, browses one of the websites, gets demand fulfilled, and receives advertising content.
The alliance charges advertisers’ promotion fees, and uses bidding and matching algorithms to place advertisers’ ads on the traffic that has already joined the alliance, and then allocates the traffic to the sites that have joined the alliance according to their different allocation strategies. The share of the surplus is the income of the Alliance. It’s also known as the middle spread.
How can affiliate promotion help you target people and improve your marketing results?
1. Interest targeting: Based on the audience’s long-term interests, identify potential needs, comprehensive coverage and influence to stimulate potential purchase demand.
Features: less accurate, high consumption, poor conversion effect, plays a role in increasing exposure and raising awareness
Keyword targeting: Based on the short-term specific behavior of the audience, identify the short-term clear needs, accurate presentation and sales.
Features: accurate, consumption according to the number of keywords to determine, conversion effect is better, play a role in saving loss
Third, visit targeting: based on the audience’s visit behavior, identify short-term clear needs, personalized and accurate presentation, to recover the lost people.
Features: precision, low consumption, good conversion effect, play a secondary stimulation role
4. Geographic targeting: based on the geographical characteristics of the audience, targeting the target group’s activity area and precise delivery.
Features: less accurate, high consumption, poor conversion effect, plays a role in increasing exposure and raising awareness