Features Update: Adjust Conversion, Sub-Affiliate blocking, SSL Encryption and More


To satisfy our clients’ constantly growing needs, Offerslook has never stopped our chase for a better platform. In this new version, we released 3 big features plus a series of performance improvements.

Adjust Conversion

Offerslook clients now can adjust the amount of conversions by modifying the conversion status (pending, approved and rejected). In this way, you will be able to manage the stats consistency among you, your advertisers and affiliates. Note that using our Adjust Conversions tool will have a potential impact to your offers and affiliates performance measurements.

Select to enable “Adjust Conversion”

Adjust Conversion Status

For setting details, please check tutorial for Approve & Reject Conversions.

Sub-Affiliate blocking

In many cases, you might not want to receive traffic from some specific sub-affiliates because they are sending you the inferior traffic, their geography is not what you want or there might be other reasons. Offerslook platform now enables you to block traffic from any sub-affiliate you don’t want.

Select to block sub-affiliates

Check this tutorial for details.

SSL Encryption

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. With the SSL encryption, any data transmitted by you and your partners will be kept confidential, ensuring you the best privacy.

Select to enable SSL encryption

Check this tutorial for details.

In addition to the newly added features, we’ve also made improvements to elevate your Offerslook using experience. These include: links to our help centre, API, training video, Blog and Forum at the upper right of the portal; more parameters added into the report section and many more.


About Offerslook

Offerslook is a SaaS platform for performance marketing networks to build and manage their networks. Since debut, hundreds of ad networks/affiliate networks have used Offerslook to increase their network efficiency and ROI. We’re dedicated to reducing the high technology cost in this industry and making ad network management a smarter job.