Product Update — Multi-Event Tracking, Bulk Offer Setting & Export, UI & Other Improvements


It might take a lit bit long for Offerslook update this time, yet we are sure you will love it. In our version 1.0.5, we do not come up only with new features such as multi-event tracking and bulk offer operation, we have also made a great bunch of enhancements!

Multi-Event Tracking

Offerslook clients now are enabled to set different events for one offer according to real needs. For each event, you will also be able to set the end point, its event type (private/multiple), the revenue and payout, status and etc. respectively. You can also check the corresponding data in the general report and conversion report.

For setting details, please check our tutorial article “To Set up a Multi-Event Offer”

Bulk Offer Setting & Export

Time is money! Yet there might be quite a lot of scenarios that you want to schedule the status of or export a great bunch of offers at the same time and if you just do it one by one, that could be very lengthy. With this insight in our mind, Offerslook team has made big update on our offer list page, including a redesign of the interface. With just a few clicks, no repeating job anymore!

Other Improvements

A lot of enhancements have also been made in this new version. For example, you can now set up to 10 questions for your affiliates to signup; you will be able to see the status of postback in the reports…All these improvements will make your job smarter and easier!

Features Update on API

The above features are also updated on API.




About Offerslook

Offerslook is a SaaS platform for performance marketing networks to build and manage their networks. Since debut, hundreds of ad networks/affiliate networks have used Offerslook to increase their network efficiency and ROI. We’re dedicated to reducing the high technology cost in this industry and making ad network management a smarter job.