Founded in 2011, Adunite began as a PC performance advertising platform in China, and specialized in advanced ad tech. With its track record in both ad tech and strong distribution capacity, Adunite received investment from well-known smartphone user system provider APUS. The collaboration with APUS gave the required synergy for Adunite to transform.

Since early 2016, Adunite aggressively launched campaigns worldwide with a focus on emerging markets and North America - mostly to drive user acquisition for APUS. With the encouraging momentum, Adunite is now setting up Hotmobi as another business unit to help more advertisers drive user acquisition, esp. for advertisers from e-Commerce, games and finance. And taking advantage of its advanced ad tech cumulated from the past 5 years, they may as well enter into DSP and SSP to provide diverse ad solutions.


Although with reach experience in content distribution in China, when Adunite prepared to launch global ad network, they realized the global ad network ecosystem is quite different. The China app download market, esp. Android, is occupied by hundreds of app stores instead of just Google Play and App Store, and ad networks normally distribute direct download links instead of directing to Google Play. Transparency and trust on the data have also been a problem between ad networks and publishers.

So they realized they need a different technology solution not only to bring their global business alive but to efficiently support the robust growth as well.

Adunite needed a technology solution to deliver the following:

> Reliable tracking and performance to help them start from zero

> Scalable infrastructure to help them scale up rapidly

> Maintain the highest ROI


After making up their mind, Adunite quickly evaluated several leading solutions and they also proactively sought suggestion from professionals. Adunite ultimately chose Offerslook, as it fits all the requirements and generates the highest ROI.

Mac Deng, COO of Adunite, highlighted the importance of getting reasonable returns, "We need to prove sustainable ROI for this new business so as to scale up healthily. So we need to make sure technology investment won't become a burden. And after careful evaluation of Offerslook, we realized they had guaranteed excellent performance as well as cost efficiency."

Mac was able to quickly connect advertisers and publishers with ease since day one. Although a big team now, Adunite started the global platform with Mac alone, and Mac was able to manage campaigns with hundreds of publishers smoothly and easily, thanks to Offerslook's user friendly operation interface and design.


Time-saving one-stop-shop platform. Adunite was able to start their network from zero in a hassle-free workflow. Clear instruction and intuitive design helped Adunite to take control of the whole business process smoothly.

Scaled their business exponentially. With 3 months only, Adunite was able to add up hundreds of affiliates each month. Offerslook made it flexible enough for Adunite to grow with their publishers.

Excellent customer service. Mac admitted that Offerslook had the best customer service among the solution providers they had evaluated. It was with the help of Offerslook technical experts that Adunite was able to speed up their deployment process.

With adoption of Offerslook, Adunite achieves great business leap-forward. "After using Offerslook for 3 months, we are already recording monthly revenue growth in double digits. Making Offerslook a top choice to improve our business scalability has been a smart decision for us", said Mac.

Mac also added, "Offerslook is a truly trust-worthy and reliable platform and it makes it easy for us to streamline all business needs".