Key Features for Your Need

Here you can find everything you need to build an affiliate network

Have trouble grabbing offers manually?
Import and sync offers in a flash by Smart Puller

Instead of importing offers one by one, Smart Puller enables your team to grab a large number of offers from over 200 tracking platforms into Offerslook's system via the API. The offer status can be automatically synced every half hour or even faster. We offer technical support if you have other platforms to integrate with.

Smart Puller

Don't know how to maximize the ROI of offers?
Smart Link help to target the highest-EPC one

Smart Link is the best way for you to boost your business revenue. Just need to select a pool of offers, and then it will help you send the traffic to the highest-EPC offer without you comparing each offer's potential or creating multiple tracking links for affiliates.

Smart Link

Tired of monitoring campaigns all the time?
Easily get email notifications by Smart Alert

Smart Alert serves as a full-scale monitoring tool for your advertising campaigns. You can set multiple metrics in advance, such as CR, unique clicks, etc, and you will receive email alerts when an exception occurs.

Smart Alert

Traffic fail to be sended correctly? Use Linkintest to check if the traffic is misdirected

Linkintest is an advanced verification tool mainly for CPI Campaigns. You can check out the status of target campaigns and then stop wasting clicks on non-working campaigns. It also allows you to see how many competitors are involved so as to make a decision.


Wanna tailor the platform to meet different needs?
Our Customization service will make you satisfied

Our customization service is designed to cater to different types of needs. You can easily tailor Offerslook platform as much as you want, including white-label interfaces, domain, email servers, team management, tracking URL and more.


Hard to settle bills with advertisers and affiliates?
Get Billing report of affiliates monthly

With our billing service, you can get a comprehensive billing report of affiliates by month. It will greatly simplify your workflow to export conversion and revenue data, making it more convenient to settle business with your partners.


Make the most out of your affiliate campaigns with Offerslook!