Based in Los Angeles, Vamos Media is a global affiliate network that brings advertisers and publishers together since 2014. Working on a global scale, the company provides a platform for publishers to monetize their traffic, while also helping advertisers distribute their performance campaigns. The Vamos Media business model is mainly based upon CPI and CPA.


As a fast-growing network, Vamos Media realized maintaining good relationship with both advertisers and publishers were vital to their success. Accordingly, what they needed for a technology solution were: 1) to track precisely and accurately the data; 2) easy access for publishers to sign up and gain insight; 3) to scale up with their fast growth.

For quite a long time, however, the company was struggling with the previous platform’s inability to figure out reasons for its click loss and limited customer support. Vamos Media's CEO Ozgur recalls, "We did not just lose revenue, but what was worse, the data inconsistency was sabotaging our relationship with some of our partners, which really made us upset."

Another challenge for Vamos Media, as the company was expanding campaigns and publishers, was the soaring tracking cost which took up over 1/3 that of the gross profit. To optimize their operational cost seemed also necessary for Vamos Media.


The company then began its selection among a handful of tracking solution alternatives and ultimately decided to switch to Offerslook. "We found while moderate price and reliable tracking ability seldom combine in a platform, Offerslook had everything we wanted and was the best cost-effective solution for us", said Ozgur.

The primary reasons that made Offerslook stand out as their final choice were:

> Technical stability and compatibility. Vamos Media suffered no down time through its trial use of Offerslook and was able to make use of the API for multiple integration.

> Dedicated customer service. Offerslook account managers plus IT experts were on 24/7 standby, providing timely solution and suggestion.

> Pricing approach. Offerslook offered pay-as-you-go and tiered pricing for the first time in the industry. This meant better cash flow and great cost saving for Vamos Media.


With the adoption of Offerslook powerful features and robust API, Vamos Media has enjoyed better relationships with its customers and also expanded its business. "We are able to track each and every click. This ensures the transparency of all data and also helps both our advertisers and publisher create better ROI, which is what we are all about," says Ozgur.

When talking about using experience of Offerslook, Ozgur explains: "Offerslook is a great effective platform that you can make every action in seconds". And these features below are his most favored:

Triple-level offer redirection. Up till now, 98% of Vamos Media’s traffic from publishers are made use of, which is as much as a 2% increase compared with before.

Real-time reporting. The customized general reports with different metrics has enabled Ozgur to make better decisions and best optimize all campaigns.

Automatic Invoicing. Vamos Media is able to manage all invoices online. This saves the company almost 10 hours a week, giving more time for staff to be focused on the key objectives.

Ozgur expresses: "Our ROI has greatly increased since we started to partner with Offerslook. And we know we get the best quality platform with a fair pricing. In the long term, partnering with Offerslook is getting a perfect decision for Vamos Media".