List of Offerslook Parameters for Integration

When you integrate with your advertisers or affiliates, you will encounter a set of parameters. These tracking parameters are optional tokens that can be added to the Destination url and Postback url.

Let's walk-through on these parameters:

Number Parameters Explanations
1 click_id click_id is use in the integration with Advertiser, and it is unique identification codes generated when users click on offers, to track individual clicks and potential conversions.
2 aff_sub1 aff_sub1 is the CLICK ID of your affiliate specified in the tracking link and affiliate postback.
3 offer_id The ID of an offer in Offerslook system.
4 aff_id aff_id is the Affiliate ID that the number the network assigned to their publisher to track potential conversions in Offerslook system.
5 source_id source_id is the ID of your affiliate's affiliate.
6 adv_id adv_id is the Advertiser ID that the number the network assigned to their advertiser to track potential conversions in Offerslook system.
7 ios_idfa The IDFA of iOS device.
8 google_aid Google advertising id
9 android_id The ID of android device
10 agent agent is a parameter of information on the visitors' OS, browser type, etc.
11 ip iP is the IP address from which the user clicks the ad, also known as Click IP, traditionally used as a reference for a unique visitor.
12 accept_lan accept_Lan is the language used by the browser of the user who clicks on the ad
13 event_id The difference of the postback links is displayed with the fixed paramter  event_id
14 event_token The difference of the postback links is displayed with the fixed paramter  event_token
15 payout payout is the amount payable to publisher for each click or conversion.
16 amount The amount of per sale
17 app_name the App used by users when clicking on advertisements.
18 country_id country_id is the number the network assigned to which country the click comes from.
19 currency The currency of the offer/campaign.
20 os_version The version of the operating system
21 os User operating platform, such as PC,Mobile, Tablet
22 conversion_ip The IP address where the conversion fired.
23 callback A integrated method with advertiser and affilaite.
24 unique_click unique_click is the total number of unique people who have clicked on the ad, which is different from Gross Click that counts total clicks without segregation.
25 click_time click_time is the recorded time of the ad being clicked, which helps to determine the actual time of the ad being displayed.
26 referer referer is a URL that detects how a website visitor arrived at a certain page and helps marketer see the effectiveness of websites and compare traffic quality.
27 source_id_md5 use to protect your source id which cont be seen by your advertiser and it can only be used in destination url
28 adv_sub1 custom parameter
29 adv_sub2 custom parameter
30 adv_sub3 custom parameter
31 aff_sub2 custom parameter
32 aff_sub3 custom parameter
33 aff_sub4 custom parameter
34 aff_sub5 custom parameter
35 aff_sub6 custom parameter
36 aff_sub7 custom parameter
37 aff_sub8 custom parameter