How a Mobile Ad Network Revenue Increased 400%


Tractas is a Mobile Ad Network for Mobile App users acquisition. It has been in this industry for 7 years. Their main vision is to give their Advertisers the utmost KPI on each conversion made and also on the other hand, to make sure their Affiliate can receive a fastest offer integration and high ROI.

To run user acquisition campaigns(CPI&CPA), Tractas need a tracking solution that could provide real-time data to evaluate and optimize performance of every offer and affiliate by length of minute. Aims to reduce time and manpower, high effective and easy operation are also required for the tracking platform.

Tractas evaluated several options before they made the final decision to switch to Offerslook. Offerslook’s intelligent functions can perfectly meet their business needs and significantly increase their ROI .

Intelligent Redirect
Thousands of offers with various targeting, hundreds of affiliates with various traffic sources, both make it extremely difficult to match the right traffic with optimum offers, thus losing lots of money with unsuitable traffic.
Things are all changed with the Intelligent Redirect feature. Three levels of redirection to ensure every clicks goes to the right offers at 99% chance. The intelligent redirect features significantly reduced the waste of rejected clicks.

Fraud protection
Fraud, bot and other unqualified traffic will not only increase the tracking cost, but also jeopardize the partnership with advertisers, making fraud protection a very necessary feature to Tractas’business operation. Offerslook fraud protection mechanism completely solved that pain point.

Smart API Integration
Smart API facilitates auto integration and update with advertisers. Migrate everything with just one click. All new offers, and offer changes, including but not limited to status, payout, caps, will be updated from advertiser platform to Offerslook platform. Enormous time and labor is saved with this feature.

“Using Offerslook, We are able to pair our high payout offers with the most suitable traffic. Offerslook also introduced the “per conversion” pricing and it made us more happy. We saved our tracking cost by 80% per month! This introduction and the excellent support from their account manager made us stay loyal to their company. Our revenue has increased 400% because of Offerslook’s fast and intelligent platform and its reasonable pricing.”
_____ Rv Vallo, CEO of Tractas

About Offerslook
Offerslook is an innovative Performance Marketing software/affiliate tracking software. It is dedicated to making all affiliate networks and ad networks’ business easy & smart. Offerslook enables users to run offers, manage publishers, generate invoices, customize a platform with their own brand, and so on. Offerslook provides real-time reports with visualized data snapshots as well as counter-fraud features for ad networks.