How to Create Affiliates?

Now it's easy to add affiliates to start working on your offers. Following will introduce how to create an affiliate, which mainly includes eight parts, Create Affiliate, Affiliate Details, Approval&Cap, Affiliate Payout, Affiliate Postback, Tracking Domain, Sub-Affiliate Operation, Invoice Setting.


  • Create Affiliate

Field Name Explanation
First Name The name of the affiliate
Last Name The last name of the affiliate.
Email The email address of the affiliate.
Mobile NO. The cell phone number of the affiliate.
IM How you contact the affiliate, such as Skype, GTalk, QQ, Yahoo, etc.
IM Account The contact ID of the affiliate.
Location The location of the affiliate.
Tags Set tags for the affiliate.
Website The website of the affiliate's company.
Company The affiliate’s company.
Manager The person who manages this affiliate.
Status Active: Only active affiliate can run offers.
Blocked:The affiliate cannot run offers.
Deleted:The affiliate cannot run offers and cannot be modified and operated.
Password You can set the password for the affiliate.
Tier Select the Tier to which the affiliate belongs. Create groups in Affiliates-Affiliate Payout Tiers and set the payout according to the group.
Hide Referral It's to hide the affiliate's referral link to the advertisers.
Memo Memo of the affiliate.
Automatic Approval Once enable, all the require approval and private offer will be automatically approved for this affiliate.
KPI KPI of the affiliate.


  • Affiliate Details

After the Affiliate is created, you can enter the Affiliate Details to check it.


  • Approval&Cap

You can approve offers and set caps for the affiliate.

After successful approval, offers will be displayed in the following list.


  • Affiliate Payouts

Set a different payout for the affiliate.

After successful creation, you can view and edit it in Affiliates-Payout.


  • Affiliate Postback

You should save the affiliate's postbacks in this section so our system can fire conversions to them automatically.

Field name Explanation
Affiliate Select the affiliate.
Type Offer: Set offer postback.
Smartlink: If affiliate's tracking link is a Smartlink, you need to save the corresponding Smartlink postback.
Global: Set global postback which can be converted for all offers by the affiliate.
Protocol The conversion protocol of the affiliate.
Privacy Postback: Use Probabilitic Attribution Postback to send conversions to the affiliate. Learn more
Postback URL: Use Postback URL to send conversions to the affiliate.
HTML Pixel/Image Pixel: Use Pixel to send conversions to the affiliate.
Code The postback  provided by the affiliate needs to be replaced with our parameters and saved.

After creation, you can view and edit it in Affiliates-Postback.


  • Tracking Domain

If you have set a custom domain, you can set a custom tracking domain for the affiliate.

After the setting is successful, the affiliate will generate a tracking link in the corresponding domain.


  • Sub-Affiliate Operations

Set the blacklist and whitelist of sub-affiliates.

Field name Explanation
Type White list: Only allow the set sub-affiliate to send clicks
Blacklist: It is not allowed the set sub-affiliate to send clicks
Category Offer/Advertiser
Source ID Select the parameter of the sub-affiliates.
Separate with Comma Create blacklist or whitelist in batches by separating the value with "," , otherwise it is a single record. 
Please enter sub-affiliates below Fill in this sub-affiliate id value.


  • Invoice Settings

Billing Settings for this affiliate, including Financial Details, Payment Details, Bank Transfer, Invoice Automation Settings.

After setting, the invoice will be generated in Billing - Affiliate Invoice on monthly basis.