View-Through Attribution (Track Conversions Based on Impressions)

An impression is the very first user's interaction with an advertisement. Impression happens when a user sees an ad in the webpage. A click means that a user has clicked an ad to reach the page with entities advertised. This makes a difference between an impression and a click.

In mobile advertising, it is possible to track conversions based on impressions via view-through attribution (VTA). The conversion is generated when someone sees an ad (banner) for the product, and then makes a purchase either by going directly to the advertiser’s website or by doing an organic search separately. VTA is a valuable feature that can be used to measure the campaign performance more effectively.


Offerslook View-Through Attribution feature allows you to get conversions based on impressions.

If you need to use the Impression Tracking and View-Through Attribution feature, please contact your account manager to get them for you.

Once the features enabled, you will be able to set the impression tracking link and integrate {impression_id} to get and track impressions and conversions generated by them.


Once Offerslook receives an impression from an affiliate, the unique Offerslook Impression ID is assigned to it. You are to pass this impression ID to the advertiser via the {impression_id} macro in Impression Tracking Link.{impression_id}


To receive conversions based on impressions, you need to add mandatory parameter &impression_id to your postback link and give this link to your advertiser.{clickid}&impression_id={sub1}


Once advertiser fires the conversion to Offerslook via the above postback, the system matches the impression ID registered in Offerslook and the impression ID received from the advertiser.

If everything is correct, you get a successful impression conversion in the conversion report.

We have the field Conversion Type to indicate the type of the conversions. And if it’s an impression conversion, the Click ID value is the Impression ID value.





  • If I run Impression Tracking with my advertiser, do I have to enable the View-Through Attribution too?

It's up to you and your advertiser to track conversions based on impressions. If you need to have basic impressions tracking with your advertiser, you are to enable Impression Tracking and set up impression tracking link only. If you need to track conversions based on impressions, you are to enable both Impression Tracking and View-Through Attribution, and set up impression tracking link with impression ID.


  • Can I integrate other parameters in impression tracking link?

Yes, all available parameters for Impressions destination URL are listed here.


  • If advertiser doesn’t have an Impression ID marco, is it possible for us to integrate our Impression ID with advertiser’s Click ID?

Yes, we can. For example, if sub1 is the Click ID marco of advertiser’s end. You can integrate &sub1={impression_id} in impression tracking link.

When advertiser fires conversion with our Click ID value, system will identify whether the conversion is from a click or an impression. If it’s an impression, the Click ID value is the Impression ID value.


  • Why do I see impression conversions are pending/rejected?

It happens for three reasons.

  1. Duplicate Impression ID: We only approve one conversion on one impression ID. If there are multiple conversions with one impression ID, we will only approve one and reject the rest of them.
  2. View Through Attribution Status Disabled: It happens when your advertiser fire impression conversions to our system, but you disable the View Through Attribution in offer details. If you need to track impression conversions, you have to enable the View Through Attribution feature.
  3. Impression ID Error: It happens when the impression ID in the postback doesn't belong to Offerslook or the value isn't correct. Address your advertiser to check the value.


  • How can I track impression and impression conversions with affiliates?

Go to Offer details-> Select Affiliate -> Tick Impression Pixel

You can generate a pixel/impression link to your affiliate.

If you want to track conversions based on impressions with your affiliate, you can use our custom parameter (aff_sub2~aff_sub5) to integrate with affiliate’s impression ID.

For example, imp_id is affiliate’s impression ID. We use aff_sub2 to get and pass affiliate’s impression ID.

Affiliate’s impression Tracking link{imp_id}

Affiliate Postback{aff_sub1}&imp_id={aff_sub2}


  • Is it possible to set up View-through attribution along with Probabilistic attribution demanded by iOS 14 rules?


When you work with Probabilistic attribution, you cannot store and pass unique impression identifier that is usually passed in Offerslook via {impression_id} macro in Impressions Tracking Link and received via impression_id parameter in Postback URL.

In this case, tracking works similar to the tracking based on clicks. You will use {aff_id} and {offer_id} for attribution. Besides, you need to add {conversion_type} marco in postback to get the conversion info from advertiser.

Set up Impressions Tracking Link.{offer_id}&pub={aff_id}

Set up Probabilistic Postback.{offer}&aff_id={pub}&conversion_type={type}