Features Update: Callback Support


Callback Support

Postback is the most common way to pass conversions from one server to another. But you must submit or receive a postback url to pass conversion.

Now, Offerslook provide you another option: callback.

By adding the callback parameter in tracking link, you can Post conversion back to affiliate without postback URL.
That would be definitely a more convenient way.

Learn how to use it, click here

About Offerslook
Offerslook is an innovative Performance Marketing software/affiliate tracking software. It is dedicated to making all affiliate networks and ad networks’ business easy & smart. With Offerslook, anyone can create an ad network with zero cost. Offerslook enables users to run offers, manage publishers, generate invoices, customize a platform with their own brand, and so on. Offerslook provides real-time reports with visualized data snapshots as well as counter-fraud features for ad networks