Offerslook Enriches Geographical Targeting with Carrier Targeting

We are excited to introduce new update of our platform:


Carrier Targeting


By integrated with Digital Element’s, the leading IP geolocation provider, Offerslook enriched geographical targeting with carrier targeting, so as to provide the most accurate targeting solution to our clients. With this upgrade, now you can target campaigns with several data points, including device, carrier, OS, and location, including cities.


Key benefits of this upgrade include:


1.Target campaigns to users based on their mobile carriers. This is especially great for those advertisers who have mobile content offers specific to a carrier.



2. Optimize traffic sources based on campaign performance across carriers, to ensure that your campaign is reaching the most relevant audience.



About Offerslook

Offerslook is a smart Performance Marketing software/affiliate tracking software platform. It enables Networks, Agencies, and Advertisers to track, analyze and optimize advertising traffic. It is dedicated to making all affiliate networks and ad networks’ business easy & smart.
Pay only for conversions, and get unlimited clicks. Offerslook drives down your cost by 70+%.