Offerslook Release Anti-fraud Solution with AppsFlyer: Click Signing

Offerslook Click Signing

As the affiliate marketing economy is taking off, Offerslook is committed to optimizing our systems and updating our features to keep pace with the ever-changing digital world.


What we introduced recently is a new feature named Click Signing. As many affiliate networks are suffering from click spam, Offerslook releases this new tool to prevent fraud traffic.


The first platform that integrates with our click signing feature is AppsFlyer. If you have already partnered with AppsFlyer, you must have heard of this new feature.




About AppsFlyer


Appsflyer is a unified marketing platform designed to cater to emerging needs in the mobile industry. It is also a global leader in marketing measurement, analytics, and engagement.


Appsflyer is committed to helping brands build great products, create exceptional experiences, and preserve customer privacy with its powerful attribution data.




What is Click Signing?


Click signing is a new feature released by Offerslook to prevent fraud traffic and click flooding.


For example, sometimes affiliate networks are sending fraud traffic from affiliates without realizing it, or sometimes their traffic is blocked due to click flooding. This would result in affiliate networks being automatically banned by advertisers using anti-fraud platforms such as AppsFlyer.


In this case, our click signing feature allows affiliate networks to sign every single click sent to AppsFlyer. The process is completed by attaching a unique token to the advertiser’s tracking link. Once the token is expired or is incorrect, AppsFlyer will define such clicks as fraud traffic.




How to Enable Click Signing on Offerslook?


It’s easy to enable the click signing features on Offerslook platform. Just follow the simple steps below.


Step 1:

Ask Offerslook’s account manager to turn on the Click Signing option on SA.



Step 2:

Take the API Token on AppsFlyer, put it in Offerslook, and choose a proper mode.


  • Setting -> Customization -> Preferences


Appsflyer API Token


Click Signing: The default is Appsflyer. The options will increase if we are compatible with more upstream platforms.


Appsflyer API Token: Get the API Token on AppsFlyer (Refer to this guide).


Appsflyer Click Singing Mode:

  • Disable – No click signature validation is done by AppsFlyer.
  • Enable – AppsFlyer blocks clicks with invalid or missing signatures.
  • Report only – AppsFlyer validates click signatures, but doesn’t block clicks with invalid signatures.


[ AppsFlyer recommends that you set the mode to Enable after a few hours in Report Only mode and check your report to make sure that the configuration is correct and that all clicks pass signature verification. ]



Step 3: (An Essential Step)

Enable Click Signing for advertisers who run offers on AppsFlyer. Once that’s done, all of that advertiser’s clicks are sent encrypted.


  • Advertiser -> Edit -> Click Signing -> AppsFlyer


Advertiser Detail Page




How Does Click Signing Work?


Offerslook makes a request to AppsFlyer once a day using the API token you provide to get a secret key: a unique signature for a click. The secret key is valid for 36 hours. Therefore, two valid keys can exist at the same time.


Once Offerslook obtains the secret key and its expiration date, it adds two parameters to the advertiser’s tracking link:


  • &expires= the_click’s_expiry_date
  • &signature= the_secret_key_itself


Tracking Link


When the clicks come to AppsFlyer, it validates the values of the two parameters and identifies the click signing mode.


As a result, there are 3 possible scenarios.


  • Disable: Offerslook keeps sending the two parameters via AppsFlyer tracking link, while AppsFlyer ignores them.


  • Enable: Offerslook keeps sending the twp parameters via AppsFlyer tracking link, and then AppsFlye validates the two parameters and blocks the clicks when they’re invalid.


  • Report only: Offerslook keeps sending the two parameters via AppsFlyer tracking link. AppsFlyer validates the two parameters and reports the clicks if they’re invalid. ( Won’t block them)






  1. Do I need to enable Click Signing on AppsFlyer platform?

NO. You don’t have to do anything on AppsFlyer to turn this feature on.


  1. How often does Offerslook update the secret key?

Once a day.


  1. How to get API Token on AppsFlyer?

Here are AppsFlyers introduction and guide to click signing.