How to Choose Best Micro Niches for Your Business in 2021

Best Micro Niches

Be it a big brand, a small business, or a marketer, choose a niche is the profound step for beginners.


When you’re thinking about your business positioning, it’s natural to pick a broad topic that has a lot of appeal. The problem is you’re not the first person to have this idea. The general wisdom about online commerce is that you should choose a highly specific niche market that caters to a small segment of the market so that there is less competition.


That is what we called micro niches.


Today we will go through some of the best affiliate marketing micro niches. Let’s get started now.



What is a Micro Niche?


A micro niche, also known as sub niche, is referred to as a smaller segment of a niche market.


For example, if you are targeting cosmetics as your business niche, then you will find that it can be broken down into many segments:


  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Setting Powder
  • Rouge or Blush
  • Highlighter
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadows
  • Eyebrow Pencil/Powder
  • Lip Colors


All the above segments are the micro niches of makeup.


There are examples of other industries for your reference, such as below:


  • Real estate –> Tiny houses
  • Travel industry –> Disney cruises
  • Clothing for men -> Winter coats for men
  • Health insurance –> health insurance UK
  • ……


Micro Niche Pyramid




Why Choose a Micro Niche for Your Business?


Some small businesses may mistakenly believe that simplifying their services to a more specific area will lead to a loss of potential customers. However, the opposite is true. Compared to marketing to an entire industry, developing a micro niche could generate more leads because your target audience is the ones most interested in what you have to offer.


Benefits of choosing a micro niche include:


  • Less competition: As the micro niche is highly specialized, there are fewer companies competing with it.
  • More profitable: With fewer competitors, it is easier to win customers and earn more money.
  • Easier to market: Micro niches make it easier for small businesses to get attention and increase sales.


So, which micro niche is best for your business? Next, we will list some of the best micro niches in 2021.




Best Micro Niches for Affiliate Marketing in 2021


If you don’t know much about affiliate marketing, you can start with this affiliate marketing guide first.


When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are many success stories that prove some micro niches are efficient.


We have listed some of the best micro niches for affiliate marketing in 2021.




  • Weight loss / Fitness / Health micro niche


Some good microniches are skin care, low-carb, exercise machines, ketogenic diets, stress management, supplements, exercise machines, etc.


  • Travel micro niche


Focus on a specific micro niche initially, such as specific countries, beaches, particular regions, places, and so on.


  • Hobby micro niche


Some hobbies where you can earn money are: woodworking, DIY, golf, gardening, drones, making music, fishing, etc.


  • Home Automation Micro Niche


With new products joining the home automation every month, home automation is going to be a hot micro niche for many affiliate marketers.


  • Drones Micro Niche


It remains a top-selling item in the “gifts” category, especially around holidays.


  • All-natural makeup


The trend of “natural” makeup is hot in the health and beauty industry.


  • Curly hair care micro niche


Curls are hot and will continue to be fashionable in 2021, and everyone buys an electrical curler, rollers, and hair care products for curls. 


  • Tiny houses micro niche


It has become an effective solution for a tight-budget family who is willing to have extremely small and often eco-friendly homes.


  • Online Entertainment micro niche


Micro niche that is aimed at online entertaining: video games, online dating, internet TVs, etc.


  • Psychological health micro niche


From natural anxiety medicines to self-development or self-improvement courses. From food supplements to self-help books, from lucky amulets to “miraculous” CBD oils. 




How to Define Your Micro Niche?


So how do you tell if a niche is right for your business? There are several ways for you.


Determine your strengths

To discover a micro niche worth developing, whether as an individual, a team or a company, you first need to identify your strengths. Only in areas where you and your team have strengths and passions will you be more likely to achieve breakthrough performance.


Focus on the problem


Do you have a problem in your industry or life that needs solving? Think of a time when you thought, “If only we had _____” to help solve a common problem in your daily life, work or play. Fill that void with a promising micro niche business idea. The problem you are facing may be someone else’s problem too.


Do your micro-niche market research


You want to make sure that your micro niche does have a real consumer base, so you need to do market research. You can do this by talking to friends, family or industry peers, you can do it through email or social media surveys about the topic, or you can also use some online tools like Google Trends.


Check out the competition

Studying the shortcomings of your existing business can also effectively help you find micro niches. So you can think about how you can stand out from the competition by thinking about the pain points of your business and investigating your competitors.


Test the waters more

You don’t have to jump into a niche you don’t know right away. The best thing for a newbie to do is to test the waters with a single product first and see if it works. Another effective way to test is to create more login pages and iterate through different channels to test the effectiveness of the promotion.



Final Thought


The strategy of engaging in a micro niche is really not much different than engaging in a broader field. You need to make sure there is a customer base looking for what you offer and a quality product or service.  


The difference is that you commit to a more specific area so that you can develop the marketing and sales strategies. You can segment your area of expertise very well.


Choose one of our recommended micro niche markets above that best suits your business and embark on a magical affiliate marketing journey.


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