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Smart Link Boost Revenue

Since you are here, it’s likely that you have already dived into affiliate marketing, a profitable marketing model where advertisers, affiliate networks and affiliates could share revenue.


As a number of affiliate marketing software emerge with varied functions, there is a common feature of each platform – Smart Link – one of the most efficient tools of performance marketing software to help marketers save time and boost revenue.


However, how well do you know about it? Are you ready to make the most of this tool?


In this post we will go through all things you want to know about Smart Link. Let’s get started now.






  1. What is Smart Link?
  2. Why You Need to Use Smart Link?
  3. How does Smart Link Boost Your Revenue?
  4. Conclusion





What is Smart Link?


Marketers used to complain about how cumbersome it was to distribute the proper offers to publishers. But now, with Smart Link, this problem was well solved.


Simply put, Smart Link is an artificial intelligence function widely used in performance marketing softwares. It is a combination of multiple offers through which traffic can be automatically redirected to the best matching offers.


For instance, with the help of Smart Link, a publisher has access to a bundle of offers simultaneously with only one tracking link to send traffic.


Here’s an example of a smart link of Offerslook’s platform:

What is Smart Link




Why You Need to Use Smart Link?


There are numerous reasons that every affiliate marketer should utilize Smart Link:


Do More with Less

Are you tired of filtering proper offers and handing them out to suitable publishers? Now Smart Link can simplify this process without you repeating the same operation over and over again.


All you need to do is put together the multiple offers you want and create a universal Smart Link for them. It means that you don’t have to create tracking links for publishers one by one.


Since the Smart Link always prioritizes the best offer, you can easily redirect your resources towards more profitable campaigns with less manual involvement. It is definitely a good way to reduce your operation cost.


Make the Most of Every Traffic

It is often the case that publishers’ traffic is wasted due to abnormal issues of offers. This can happen when the offer you’re distributing to publishers is down or it is suspended because of volume caps.


However, you no longer have to worry about wasting traffic. That’s where Smart Links come in. After creating a Smart Link for several offers, you can take a break as Smart Link will automatically help you monitor and manage each offer. Once an offer is down or paused for some unusual problems, the system will detect it and immediately redirect the traffic to another qualified offer.


Increase ROI of Every Traffic

One of the greatest features of Smart Link is intelligent matching. Based on a dedicated algorithm, Smart Link makes it possible to distribute the most suitable one from the offers pool, which will maximize your ROI.


In this case, you can get the best offers for your publishers without any effort rather than targeting the correct offers by yourself.


Want to know how Smart Link works? Please keep reading the following part.



How does Smart Link Boost Your Revenue?


Before we start the conversion, it is necessary for you to understand the term of EPC, an acronym of Earnings Per Click. It refers to the average amount of money earned per click on your affiliate link. In that case, EPC is widely regarded as an indicator of how successful an affiliate program is as well as how much profit potential an offer has.


To make it more clear, here is the formula to calculate EPC:


EPC = Total commission earned/ Total clicks on the link


Once you understand EPC, we can jump to the next question: how to calculate how much profit each item brings to you? It is not difficult to figure out as we all know that the profit equals the earning minus cost.


There is also a formula to help you understand it quickly:


Profit = EPC – CPC


Alright! Now we can infer that while the CPC is fixed, the higher the EPC the higher the profit. With this point in mind, you’ll have a better understanding of how Smart Link can increase your business revenue. As we have stated above, there is a core algorithm of Smart Link to optimize the whole advertising campaign. And the key metric is exactly EPC.


#1 Every performance marketing software will monitor real-time data and record the performance of each offer, including CTR, CR, EPC and more.


#2 When you distribute a large number of offers to your publishers using smart links, all the traffic will be sent to the offers with the highest EPC.


#3 Finally, both you and your publishers could earn as much as possible from the most profitable offer.




As affiliate marketing becomes an industry trend, the need for performance marketing software increases dramatically. Wherever there is demand, there is supply. And that’s why Smart Link comes.


Are you ready to yield massive income with the help of Smart Link? Or already own some affiliate programs but lack a smart platform to boost your revenue? Then Offerslook is highly recommended. Severing as an all-in-one performance marketing platform, Offerslook is definitely your best choice to manage your advertising campaigns in a smart way.


Offerslook Dashboard


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