10 Best Affiliate Marketing Books to Build Passive Income in 2021

Best Affiliate Marketing Books

Affiliate marketing, one of the most popular types of digital marketing, is fast-growing and ever-changing. With the endless stream of affiliate technologies, affiliate marketing now is quite different from what it used to be several years ago.


When you search affiliate marketing on the Internet, you can find tons of affiliate marketing guides for beginners and experts, such as affiliate marketing terms, best traffic sources for affiliate marketing, or affiliate marketing training sources, and you can get the latest news to stay ahead of the fierce competition.


However, there is an old-fashioned but effective way that is always ignored by marketers – reading affiliate marketing books.


In this post, we will list the 10 best affiliate marketing books for affiliate marketing players to gain deep insight into the industry.


Let’s get started!




10 Best Affiliate Marketing Books


Below is the list of the 10 best affiliate marketing books that we’ve compiled and recommended for you to start your affiliate marketing journey smoothly.



1. From Nothing by Ian Pribyl


This book contains nearly everything you need to know about starting affiliate marketing, digital marketing, blogging, and e-commerce industries.



  • It stands as a concise and approachable guide to starting an online business in the realm of your choice.
  • Ian’s writing is clear and understandable and his enthusiasm is contagious.



  • Some of the book is out-dated.
  • Not very detailed in some aspects.

From Nothing by Ian Pribyl




2. Affiliate Marketing by Ray Hamilton


This book teaches you how to start affiliate marketing to get your online businesses going and earn your first $1000 in passive income.



  • Excellent book if you are starting out with how to make money on the internet. Covers all the bases for the newbie to start affiliate marketing.
  • Very clear and easy to understand and follow along.



  • Not much info for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing by Ray Hamilton



3. Quick Start Guide to Affiliate Marketing by Evgenii Prussakov


This book does a wonderful job of breaking affiliate marketing into three sections, the basics, the day to day and advanced. It will walk you through key affiliate marketing notions, FAQs as well as other essential information.



  • It gives the reader background, insights, tips and specific steps in handling the challenges and rewards of affiliate marketing.
  • It’s straightforward and practical to save your time and effort.



  • Very thin on practical advice on how to actually do affiliate marketing. 

Quick Start Guide to Affiliate Marketing by Evgenii Prussakov




4. Affiliate Marketing Splash by Zen Duck Dave


This book focuses on building affiliate sites and how to rank them in search engines. It is full of solid advice on building Authority sites that are built in a more white hat style and make a living through affiliate marketing.



  • This book goes into specific details and tells you the specific tools that you need to succeed.
  • There are some real nuggets of genius in here and clever ideas included.



  • Wasn’t too comprehensive.

Affiliate Marketing Splash by Zen Duck Dave




5. The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on the Web by Bruce C. Brown 


This book is a compilation of hundreds of successful affiliate masters’ secrets and ideas. It contains actual case studies as well as lots of tips and tricks to boost your business and earn enormous profits from affiliate marketing.



  • It gives you specific recommendations and pros and cons on which type of affiliate program you are seeking to deploy or participate in.
  • It walks you step-by-step in a marketing plan that will generate results.



  • Not too deep and completed.

The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on the Web





6. Affiliate Marketing 2020 by Noah Gray


This book covers affiliate marketing topics, including the overview of business models, mistakes to avoid, building traffic, top affiliate programs to promote, etc.



  • It is thorough, relatively easy to understand, and comprehensive about this money-making opportunity. 
  • It does a great job breaking down topics like algorithms that are used online. 



  • Only covers the basics.

Affiliate Marketing 2020 by Noah Gray





This book covers everything you need to know to monetize your online business with affiliate marketing quickly and easily. It can save you time searching online and point you in the right direction from the beginning.



  • This book gives a very good overview of the different parts of being an affiliate marketer.
  • It shows step-by-step what to do and how to do it with action plans, examples, tips for best practices, and what to avoid.



  • Not an easy read.

Make Money From Affiliate Marketing




8. Affiliate Marketing: Secrets by Chandler Wright


This book covers the basics of affiliate marketing, including different types of traffic channels, process of launching an affiliate business, the case of good affiliate marketers, etc. It will tell you why affiliate marketing is one of the best and most popular business models and how to start earning passive income with affiliate marketing in the best way.



  • It offers the steps and tips to get started, mistakes to avoid and various tools to make the journey smooth.
  • It is packed with accurate & current info, sub-info about affiliate marketing.



  • A lot of mistakes and wrong spelling.

Affiliate Marketing- Secrets



9. Affiliate Marketing by Kevin Ulaner


This book is a brief guide to affiliate marketing for beginners, containing the basics of affiliate marketing such as its definition, the benefits, the common mistakes, the fundamentals, etc.



  • This book is a no-nonsense, concise guide that steers you in the right direction. 
  • Refreshingly honest and intelligently written.



  • The content is really rudimentary and simplistic.

Affiliate Marketing by Kevin Ulaner



10. Affiliate Marketing by Mark Smith 


This book offers step by step guide to affiliate marketing, including what it is, how it works, how to create your website, how to leverage social media, etc.



  • It offers a quick overview of what affiliate marketing is.



  • A general overview but no specifics. 
  • Many grammar errors and some awkward phrasing.

Affiliate Marketing by Mark Smith





Conclusion on Best Affiliate Marketing Books


Affiliate marketing is one of the best business models as well as the easiest way for you to earn passive income online. You don’t even have to own a product to start an affiliate marketing campaign.


I hope this list of TOP 10 best affiliate marketing books can work well to help you make money and stand out in the fierce affiliate marketing world.


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