Offerslook Was Invited to Give a Speech on AWSome Day


1-1May 24th, AWS AWSome Day was hold in Guangzhou, China. AWSome Day is an ideal online conference for IT managers, business leaders, developers and architects who are eager to learn more and communicate about cloud computing. Offerslook Technical Director Rosen was invited as the only customer representative to give the speech and share the experience of their great success.

As the leading performance marketing software. Offerslook helps Advertisers, Agencies, and Networks to create, manage and optimize their Advertising Network in an easy & smart way. For the past 3 years, Offerslook business has grown fast and quickly made a name for their technology and services.

Now, Offerslook has served more than 3000 clients from over 40 countries across the world.

Process and analyze millions of events and clicks has exceeded 50 million times each month.

New data volume reaches TB level every day. Millions of dynamic requests per minute.

With such a rapid business development and huge data requests, what has Offerslook done on the technical architecture?

During the speech, Rosen shared the experience and elaborated on how to combine AWS’s S3 Select function and Offerslook’s own technical advantages to quickly support the rapid business development. Rosen summed up the three most prominent challenges in the architecture design of Offerslook’s high-speed business development environment: huge data, extremely short response times, and frequent sudden requests. In order to provide customers with faster and more stable platforms and services, Offerslook follows the principles of innovative design, optimized performance and convenient operation and maintenance. The application of Amazon S3 Select is an interpretation of the innovative design.

S3 Select is a new Amazon S3 capability designed to pull out only the data you need from an object, which can dramatically improve the performance and enable applications to offload the heavy lifting of filtering and accessing data inside objects to the Amazon S3 service. By reducing the volume of data that has to be loaded and processed by your applications, S3 Select can improve the performance of most applications that frequently access data from S3 by up to 400%.

Offerslook is the first company to use of this technology and pioneered a variety of usage methods (such as the use of Lambda+API gateways). At present, server logs and some conversion data queries in the Offerslook business are all based on the S3 function, greatly improving the stability of conversion data and reports. In the following planning, it will make extensive use of S3 for the log export, BI, data analysis and other services.

During several months online testing and operation, S3 was proved to be a perfect solution for Offerslook’s fast-growing business. Amazon S3 Select ensured an ultimate stability of 99.99% uptime and ad serving response times are significantly improved and faster than ever before.

As the first company to apply this technology to its production environment, Offerslook received special attention from the industry. Offerslook has always insisted on continuous innovation, and strive to bring real changes to the industry, to solve the real pain points for users.

About Offerslook

Offerslook is a smart Performance Marketing software/affiliate tracking software platform. It enables Networks, Agencies, and Advertisers to track, analyze and optimize advertising traffic. It is dedicated to making all affiliate networks and ad networks’ business easy & smart.
Pay only for conversions, and get unlimited clicks. Offerslook drives down your cost by 70+%.