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Offerslook was ranked among the Best Affiliate Marketing Software for managing product or service referrals, recommendations, and endorsements., a leading independent review website for small business online tools, products, and services, has named Offerslook to its list of the best affiliate marketing software companies of 2021. The high-ranking solutions were evaluated based on several key criteria and customer feedback.


Offerslook and other software solutions were required to support customization options that allow users to modify the look, feel, and functionalities of their network and dashboard. The online guide examined solutions that provide affiliate management features such as promotional tools, fraud detection, program customization, commission management, and more. Reporting capabilities are also an essential feature for analyzing performance metrics and affiliate statistics. 


Researchers at conducted a 40-hour assessment of over 80 software solutions across the web. Get to access the complete list of the best affiliate software companies.




What is Affiliate Marketing Software?


Affiliate marketing software is a software application that provides end-to-end services to help advertisers to manage multiple affiliate marketing campaigns simultaneously without any hassle.


In a complete affiliate marketing scheme, affiliate marketing software comes into play in the following two ways:


If the advertisers hold 100% in-house affiliate programs


Then they need to find or even customize an affiliate marketing software to solve tracking and reporting issues. These self-hosted merchant solutions can be free and almost free scripts, or expensive software packages.


If the advertisers use affiliate networks


Then they don’t have to directly operate the affiliate marketing software. Instead, the affiliate network would choose the best affiliate marketing software and help to manage all things between the advertisers and affiliates.


Affiliate Marketing Software




Common Features of Affiliate Marketing Software


The functionality of different affiliate marketing software varies. However, there are some features that all affiliate marketing software have in common.


Generate Tracking Codes


Generates unique affiliate tracking codes or affiliate links to tracks affiliate performance including clicks, conversions, etc.


Commission Management


Automatically calculates the commissions of each affiliate based on its performance. The commission structure can be customized for different affiliate campaigns.

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Data Analytics and Reporting


Offers data-driven insights for each campaign’s performance and generates real-time reporting.


Third-party Integration


Can easily be integrated with multiple third-party technologies and work together with other custom solutions via API.


Fraud Detection


Fraud prevention tools to detect and eliminate fraud traffic in real-time.




Benefits of Affiliate Marketing Software


Be it a self-hosted affiliate software or a cloud-hosted one, the benefits are so obvious that make it an indispensable tool for affiliate marketing. Here we list the most valuable benefit below.


Reduce Labor Costs


Affiliate marketing software helps to automate workflows such as tracking conversions, figuring out affiliate commissions, processing payments and more. For affiliate marketing players, it reduces much of the manual workload and saves much time to manage tons of offers and deal with unlimited issues between advertisers and affiliates.


Better Optimize Affiliate Campaigns


Affiliate marketing software allows you to get real-time data on its centralized dashboard with ease. Also, the reports provide deep insights from key metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, CR, EPC, etc. With the info, you can better adjust your affiliate marketing strategy to win big and earn more.




Why Offerslook is the Best Affiliate Marketing Software?


Although there are various affiliate software with multifunctional features in the market, when it comes to the best affiliate marketing software, Offerslook is definitely the most recognized one.


Compared with other affiliate platforms, Offerslook overperforms in many respects.


More Advanced Functions


In addition to the common features above, Offerslook provides there innovative tools to better streamline your affiliate marketing workflow.


Smart Puller – Automatically pulls and syncs a bulk of offers from other platforms to Offerslook system with just a few clicks. Only the source system’s API Key is required.


Smart Alert – Sends immediate email alerts in case of unusual problems in campaign processes. Variables can be CR, unique clicks, etc.


Smart Link – Generates a single link that combines multiple offers and automatically drives traffic to the highest-EPC one to boost your revenue.


Offerslook Advanced Functions



More Cost-effective Solutions


Offerslook not only offers more affordable pricing plans than other platforms, but also guarantees the most stable solution by using AWS SaaS services.


Every new user has access to a 30-day free trial for offerslook’s platform. You can also join Offerslook’s referral program and win up to $200 in bonuses by referring users.


Offerslook Pricing Plans




Offer Testing Tool


Offerslook integrates with a third-party service – Linkintest – an advanced verification tool mainly for CPI Campaigns.


With this powerful solution to test affiliate links, you don’t have to waste much time and effort testing tracking links and checking misdirected traffic day after day.


Good News: Now each new user can test up to 100,000 offers with a first-time recharge of just $50.


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Final Words


Founded in 2015, Offerslook team is committed to offering the best service to our clients and has become a part of our partners’ success story.


Take the price, service and all the factors into account, it is fair to say Offerslook is the best affiliate marketing software for you.


Don’t hesitate to choose Offerslook as your reliable partner. Start your affiliate marketing journey with us now!