About Offerslook’s creation in the first place

Offerslook is a SaaS platform that provides effect marketing advertising technology to help Internet effect advertising network companies in every region of the world to quickly create their own effect marketing advertising B2B marketplace, quickly help their respective advertisers to acquire customers, Offerslook provides its customers with a full set of CRM, ERP and effect advertising placement, testing, statistics, settlement and other functions.

Here are the entrepreneur’s own words

“We provide the following value to our customers.

(1) Through SaaS, the global layout of the cloud technology, the IT threshold of the Internet effect marketing company, which will be based on the promotion of advertising alliances is almost 0 — as long as registered to our Offerslook website to request services, you can establish your own brand, establish your own effect marketing advertising service company — the significance of this matter is that global customers can directly do mobile effect type advertising services as long as they have the corresponding upstream and downstream resources, providing customers with more adequate and high-quality advertising services.

(2) Through innovative means, we help our customers to maximize their benefits by constantly improving the intelligence of our products, improving the operational efficiency of our customers, and using the technical means of big data, etc.; at the same time, we also build up the competitive barriers of our products.


When a client leases our system, the client can have a full advertising management backend to create their own effects marketing advertising network company. Clients can complete a number of tasks based on our system, including but not limited to :

1) Customize their own brand logo – the system’s ability to customize the logo to help customers large and small in front of the upstream and downstream partners have been presented with their own brand, customers as long as they do a good job of corresponding operations, will be able to build awareness and competitiveness in the industry.

(2) Registration of upstream advertisers and downstream advertising traffic channels and subsequent customer relationship management.

(3) The system can create one ad order, dynamically manage the ad order and form an ad mall for downstream channels;

(4) These advertising orders are placed on the downstream channels, and generate real-time data recovery monitoring, and form a visual reporting interface in the management background.

5) Interfacing with the upstream and downstream advertising system, commonly known as S2S (server to server), to complete the data integrity of the entire delivery chain, so that customers can monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery channel and optimize.

(6) Based on the report to generate the corresponding settlement documents, etc.

The above is just a brief description of the basic features of our products, which can be found on our website at www.offerslook.com.

Why create Offerslook as a SaaS-enabled product?

First, we positioned the product in the mobile effects marketing advertising market segment. According to Gartner and eMarketer and other industry research giants predict that the scale of the entire mobile Internet advertising in 16 years will be close to 100 billion U.S. dollars, of which the market size according to effect-based billing (CPA, CPS, etc., non-ordinary CPM and CPC) will be close to 20 billion U.S. dollars, Offerslook serves the market size of about 800-10 billion U.S. dollars.” The demand for advertising in the form of advertising alliances is generated in large numbers in the business areas of e-commerce, gaming, insurance, dating, carrier value-added, etc. Since affiliate promoters can produce creative ideas and excellent promotional copy, they can use emails, blogs, social media and other forms of promotion to bring good results for advertisers, but of course, there will also be corresponding security and cheating problems.

From this, we see the value and potential of this market, and we don’t cut into the deal itself, but rather help the players in it to provide IT technology tools and provide efficient services in a SaaS model.

“Offerslook” is participating in the global competition

We are not following the Copy to China model that many domestic entrepreneurs have done, we are directly involved in the international market demand and supply system through extensive research and in-depth thinking, and PK directly with the leading international peers.

In the course of the preliminary research, we found that the operational efficiency of the competitors’ products is relatively low, although because they entered earlier to gain a large market share, but their products are not the product of extreme efficiency and intelligent design thinking, and the price/performance ratio has not been optimized accordingly. And this insight makes us feel that there is an opportunity to enhance the added value of the service, improve the operational efficiency of the service business and bring value to the business. Therefore, we strive to evolve towards intelligent, automated and accurate matching in the design concept of our products, with the aim of improving human efficiency and timeliness.

We did something that is extremely rare in the Chinese software market, and the market gave us positive feedback. After the launch of the product, we have gained nearly 100 customers in a very short period of time through word-of-mouth marketing such as customer referrals, and many potential customers are still on our trial list without doing any marketing promotion.

In the future, we will cooperate with various international SaaS service providers, such as email marketing, CRM and other SaaS service companies to open interfaces with each other and provide one-stop solutions to our own customers. We also invite domestic SaaS companies to participate in international business and learn from each other, so that China’s “software manufacturing industry” and our hardware manufacturing industry in general, serving all corners of the world.