Pinterest Affiliate Marketing: Ultimate Guide to Make Money on Pinterest

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to leveraging social media to do affiliate marketing, people always think about Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube affiliate marketing.


However, there is another great marketplace for affiliate marketing – Pinterest.


While most people think of Pinterest as just a social platform for finding ideas and inspiration, it can actually be a powerful and reliable source of traffic for a variety of affiliate programs, even outperforming social giants such as Facebook and YouTube.


In this post, we are going to talk about what is Pinterest affiliate marketing, why choose Pinterest, and how to make passive money on Pinterest.


Let’s get into it.




What is Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?


Since you are already here, you must have already learned about how affiliate marketing works. It is a performance-based model where affiliates earn commissions for marketing another company’s products or services.


Once finding and starting a proper affiliate program, the affiliate can earn a piece of the profit from each resulting conversion they make. All the tracking process is done through affiliate links from one website to another.


And then, you have to realize what Pinterest is.


Pinterest is not so much a social media platform as it is a visual search engine. With tons of photos, graphics, inspiration for nearly anything you might search for, Pinterest is a goldmine for visual-focus businesses to get a lot of website traffic.


On Pinterest, you can either upload your own pin and share it with other users, or you can pin others’ posts to your board. The pins can be liked, saved and shared by Pinterest users. The more engagement your pin gets, the higher it ranks in the search results and the more traffic it will attract to your website.





So, what is Pinterest affiliate marketing? How does it work?


Any Pinterest user can become an affiliate by uploading great photos, videos, and infographics called pins and sharing them with others to promote affiliate offers. Once other users click the affiliate link and complete the particular action, you can get your due commission.




Why Pinterest Affiliate Marketing is Recommended?


Pinterest could surpass many other social media channels in affiliate marketing.


In Line with Customer Habits

As mentioned above, Pinterest is more of a visual search engine rather than a social media platform. While users on other social platforms tend to share their own lives, Pinterest is usually used to find and save valuable content uploaded by other users. This is more in line with people’s consumption habits and is an essential part of the sale funnel.


Gain Long-term Results

Unlike Twitter or Instagram posts whose buzz lasts only a few minutes or hours, Pinterest has a long shelf life that can reach months or even years. It is a bit like SEO. A well-optimized pin can show up for a long time and takes a high position on the search result page when searching the target keywords.


Friendly to Affiliate Marketing

Using affiliate links is absolutely allowed by Pinterest as long as you comply with its terms of service. Make sure you have disclosed the affiliate relationship if you are going to include the affiliate links in your pin. For example, you can add some hashtags in your pin description such as #affiliatelink, #sponsored, #ad, etc.


With these features, Pinterest can be one of your healthy affiliate revenue streams.




How to Create an Affiliate Pin on Pinterest?


Creating an affiliate pin on Pinterest is pretty easy. Here is a step-to-step guide.


Step 1. Choose a Proper Affiliate Program

The first step to launch affiliate marketing is to sign up as an affiliate for a relevant affiliate program. Be sure to choose one that is in your niche, fits your target audience, and includes great products.


Step 2. Create Content on Your Website with Affiliate Links

It’s important to build an appealing landing page to lead generation. The landing page should include high-quality content as well as affiliate links to lead visitors to the real product page and complete the conversion.


Step 3. Create Multiple Pins for Your Landing Page Content

After building a captivating landing page such as a blog or video post, you can start to create your own pins. A viable practice is to create as 3 – 10 pins per blog. The more pins you create, the more traffic you will get.


Create a Pinterest Pin




Strategies for Pinterest Affiliate Marketing


Now that you have known how to create affiliate pins on Pinterest, the next question is, how to make your affiliate pins get more engagement and how to make more money from it? Here are some tips to succeed in launching Pinterest affiliate marketing.


Pinterest Pins


Make Your Pin Long and Verticle

To maximally occupy visual space and attract eyeballs of Pinterest users, it is practical to create long and verticle pins. Pins between 735 x 1250 and 735 x 1400 are proven to do well in tab onto people’s attention.


Ensure Your Pin Title and Description Clear

Your title and description should be clear enough to tell Pinterest users what your pin is about and what problem your product can address. For instance, it could be something specific as “6 Exercises To Help Make Your Knees Stop Cracking” or “How to Start a Money-Making Blog”.


Sort Your Board into Categories

With Pinterest’s fantastic search function, people can easily find your profile if you use proper keywords in your board titles. Be sure to classify different pins to different boards with relevant keywords.


Focus on visuals

As a visual medium, Pinterest only allows visual content such as pictures, gifs, videos and infographics. So you have to make sure your pins are aesthetic and captivating, attract users with good visuals, and get good results quickly.


Interact with Other Pinterest Users

Interaction is an indispensable part of any social media marketing. To boost your online presence and get more engagement, you have to regularly reply to the comments under your pins, search for relevant boards, and repin or comment on the pins you like.




To Wrap Up

Pinterest is definitely an incredible goldmine for affiliate marketing, and its visual features define its uniqueness in a way that Facebook and YouTube do not.


Although it is a challenge to run Pinterest affiliate marketing, you can still see massive commissions coming on your way as long as you follow our guides above and done well.


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